Upward momentum


 First of all, as a man of faith, It is my desire to let the world know, one person at a time that they can make a difference. The God that has blessed me will bless them as well. It is truly all about helping that other person attain their blessings and that's where you will find your own. So we build that momentum step by step, one step at a time, and we embrace as many as we can with the truth that brings us together in love as one.

Honestly, the people that started the blessing momentum in me, was my best and dearest friends. I know God has truly found favor with me, and so the dreams and goals move forward and I share my talent in music to uplift and to comfort the young as well as the “slightly above young” with hope and encouragement to keep it moving forward with every step. This is truly the source of my upward momentum. ~Arthur


Personal goals


“To be a source of inspiration to all youth and create a music learning center: Provide support for cancer victims: To work with the media as a talk host providing self esteem and encouragement: To provide a message of love, hope, and faith, in order to help make a difference in the lives of those we call family, and our community. If I am able to reach you and those close to you with the gift of love through the music I share, and you feel it, then I'm happy beyond Words.




In an age and time, where many industry leaders strive hard to categorize an Artist to a specific music format, once in awhile and Artist comes along, that does not so easily fit into one of those slots. Arthur Jae happens to be one of those artist. Arthur Jae loves music. He loves people, and he loves bringing the two together for one good moment after another. The story lines and the lyrics are clear, yet the stories are full and come from a very passionate place. If you ask Arthur Jae about his passion in life he has an answer for you. People want a reason to hope. They are looking for a place in life that makes them feel safe. Because I am also a man of faith among other things, I Feel I have so much I can share in the music I bring. It's how I give my heart. No matter where we are in life, or how bad we may think we have it, someone else has it far worse in with far less. We all have something to give if we just take the time to reach for it. The latest release “Cover Me” speaks to being aware that someone else loves you, and that the love is unconditional. “My Treasure is You” follows with the knowledge of a very spiritual place, and the awareness of a love that always follows you. These are featured from the upcoming full CD release due soon. It finishes the rest of the story.

Arthur Jae's Awards

2018 Atlas Elite Entertainment Award

~ Arthur Jae - Abide in Me ~

2019 Atlas Elite Entertainment Award

~ Arthur Jae - Continuous Praises ~

2019 GRM Award

~ Arthur Jae - Best Inspirational Video

2019 GRM Award

~ Arthur Jae - Positive Song Of The Year ~

My Treasure Is You

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